Aces Charter School Visit

Bahati Foundations Rahsaan Bahati visits inner-city school

Rahsaan Bahati inspires the youth with powerful speech to
4th and 5th graders at Aces Charter School in Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES, CALIF.- Nov 13th, 2014- Rahsaan Bahati visited Aces Charter School in Los Angeles to talk to inspiring students about bike safety, wearing helmets, rules of the road and most important their education. 
The children were extremely excited to have Mr. Bahati onsite to share cycling stores and his pursuit to be the best person he could be. 

Before departing, Rahsaan encouraged the children to always wear a helmet when doing any activities with wheels, which seemed to resonate after showing them his wounds from bike racing. 

Rahsaan said "this was awesome; they were so inquisitive and ask excellent questions. But what impressed me the most was the passion they showed about going to college and making good grades".

Next up for the Bahati Foundation and Rahsaan Bahati is the Special Olympics El Tour De Tucson which is a 111 mile charity ride around the perimeter of Tucson, Az.

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