Bahati Speaks with TV Personality Tavis Smiley
Rahsaan Bahati sits down with Tavis Smiley for a very candid interview. 
The Compton native discusses his unlikely path to becoming a world-class cyclist, and how his foundation has given back to his community. American Racing Cyclist Rahsaan Bahati currently rides for the Bahati Foundation Elite Team. He previously raced for the power house teams such as Mercury Cycling Team, Saturn, Rock Racing to name a few. And is the winner of several awards including the Junior National Road Racing and National Criterium Championships. Bahati has represented the United States at the World Championships for two consecutive years. Known as one of the fastest riders in the last 300 meters, he is a major threat in any race that winds up in a field sprint. In 2010, Bahati was the subject of a series entitled Bahati: Out of Compton that detailed his mentoring of six champion cyclists that share his inner-city Los Angeles roots.