Pressure Bust Pipes
by Chocolate Rocket on February 18th, 2013

Pressure Bust Pipes-
Taking place in a very scenic industrial park…hahaha, in my old hood of Carson, Ca. The Bahati Foundation Cycling club had racers racing all day. Started off with the masters, on to the cat 4’s, 3s, and then the elite race to end the day.
Quick results:
  • 55+ Ricky Shorts 5th place
  • Cat 4’s Melvin Hernandez 3rd place
  • Cat 3 team had a killer lead-out and strong showing but missed the top 5. 
Back to the elite race. We had 120 guys take place in the 90 minute crit. Today was my first day racing on my team issued Franco Balcome S after only ridding it for 3 days. ( that says a lot) I felt supper comfortable on the Franco that I decided to race it this weekend and boy did it make me happy. Not only do I like the ride, I love the geometry. This is why Ivan Dominguez left me at the Grand Fondo Brevard last year. And ill be paying him back next weekend. (
The race was punchy from the start. Fast then slow. I hate it!
CashCall once again had a team out and they are by far the team that can dictate the race, so a lot of pressure if put onto teams that carry this hat.
I found myself bridging gaps and jumping across to moves after my teammates did the dirty work for me. They made me so proud today. Steven, Bret, Paul, Arturo, Hector, you guys killed it.
30 minutes in, I jumped across into a break that was 8-9 guys with 4 cash call. However some of the CC guys didn’t work and soon that break turned into 6. We worked for a few laps and soon I felt my bike drop weight and go backwards (someone grabbed my seat to sling shot off of me) I reacted as if someone said something about my mama. What I did soon after was…watch my chocolate rocket Monday for the complete story on this
Now its 4 guys. 2 cash call, John Wikie from Surf-City and myself. We worked very well together as it seemed as if we were out there forever. Our gap grew to as much as 48 seconds. I thought we were good however another big team from the San Diego and Mexico area “Calmax” missed the move and did what any team capable would do. Chase. With the help of others riders wanting to bring us back, the gap came down.
With 15 minutes to go we were all back together. In the closing laps it wasn’t fast enough to stay safe so I had to just brace myself and hang tough.
With two laps to go, I’m following around my buddy Justin Williams from CC when he overlapped his teammate and took out his rear derailleur and also ripping spokes from his own front wheel. You may think, good for you right? Justin is out. I was so fired up, I wanted Justin and his teammate (who won last week) in the sprint because I felt 110% confident I could win. Justin was able to finish however his teammate was out and on the bell lap I found myself right where I wanted to be. 5th wheel.
On the backside, which has a slight down hill going into turn 3, Larson from Stage 17 hit out like a grown ass man and caught everyone off guard as CC did their lead-out.
Coming out of turn 3, CC hasn’t yet reacted so this is where I took matters into my own hands and I hit out at the bottom of the hill into the headwind.( you may recall my post from last week when I hesitated) I turned the last corner with one guy ahead and a nice size gap on the field. With 25m to go, I caught Larson and grabbed Bahati Foundations first victory of the season.
Thank you
  • Franco Bicycles
  • Shimano (Ultegra Di2)
  • Cytomax
  • Pactimo
  • Sidi
  • Giro
  • SockGuy
  • CalBikeLaw
and everyone who supports and believes in our mission. We cannot do it without your help.

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