Toad Day #8 and #9
by Rahsaan on June 29th, 2013

Day 8 and 9
Tour of Americas Dairy Land
After taking the 7th day off to recover a little and get some “real” work done with Hutchinson, I suited up and was pretty excited to race the 2nd of two road races.
Day 8 took us to world famous “Road America race Track” in Elkhart Lake, WI.
I remember racing here some years ago and really having good time. Yes, it fast, yes its hilly, slick, but it’s a racecar track, they even race moto gp there so I think that’s really cool place to race your bicycle.
Temps were extremely hot, so hot I wore a skin-suit with no pockets for the 80-mile race.
On the first lap the speeds were high and on the climb a group leaped off the front. I knew we had a long way to go and I also didn’t want to dig to deep as I thought I would be saving my legs for the next 3 days worth of crits.
Lap after lap guys got away until all the places were up the road. I made a few digs just to see how the legs would react, and I was happy to have them feel so fresh and snappy. I even attacked on the climb on a few laps just to have some fun.
I pulled the plug with 16 miles to go just to save my legs for the next day.
Day #9
Tour of Americas Dairy Land
Yesterday morning was a bit stressful for me. I had a restless night and woke up with a lot on my mind. Disappointed thus far in the teams results, a little stressed with my current job and there expectations and knowing I needed had to leave for the race 4 hours early to visit local bike shops in Fond du Lac.
This caused some drama within the team as I had to inconvenience the guys and get them to the race 2.5 hours before instead of 1hr. Every one but one guy wasn’t to happy and that just added stress to my already stressful morning. 
As always, everything worked itself out and I was able to visit a couple shops and introduce Hutchinson tires, which went very well.
So now its game time, I got my usual Jimmy John’s Beach Club sandwich, loud music and I showed Justin Williams how to dance.
With rain clouds near by, I didn’t know if I should let some air pressure out of my tires. I played a few head games; I thought if I leave the high tire pressure in, it wouldn’t rain…
5 laps in it started to rain and I knew I had to stop and let air pressure out. This is not a free lap, so I pulled over, let air out and chased back on.
A few laps later 3 guys slipped away and we never saw them again. My team ( p/b wheel&sprocket) gave chase for about 20 laps along with a couple guys from (Jelly-Belly) but with no success.
In the finish, my guys one by one started to come towards the front and I was able to win the field sprint for 4th place.
My legs felt great and I was happy to see the team ride better today than any other days. Yosvany was strong all day long and the rookie, Jordan road like a seasoned pro, giving everything he had the entire race. You really cant ask for much more from a teammate.
Looking forward to sharing the podium with Anthony, Chad, Jordan and Yosvany tonight. I know we can do it.

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