TOAD Day #10
by Rahsaan on June 30th, 2013

Richest 1 Lap Prime

Day #10
Tour of Americas Dairy Land
What a great venue ToAD has put on. In the past I’ve raced the downer Ave course but last night felt a lot different.
Everyone who has ever raced downer Ave races it for one reason. The “Super Prime”.
Back in 2008 I won the super prime that was a nice $7,000 cash.
Here’s how it works. The community comes together and throws a huge party just after turn one. They have their own finish line, bell, announcer, music, etc. For $20 you can get a t-shirt, all you can drink beer and a hotdog or bratwurst. All the money raised from the sales goes into the pot for the super prime. The most interesting part of it all, there are no lap counters, they give you no warning, just a bell giving you 1 lap to make your move.
So in the team meeting our main objective was to “steal the cheese”.
As always, the race started off fast, in the beginning, I surfed the front to see what was going on and after about 10 laps I drifted from the top 10 to last wheel. 130 wheels back, I had a chance to spin my legs and buy my time until the super prime.
10-15 laps later I moved back to front and the team started to ride. We had 3 guys rotating nicely hoping any lap they would ring the bell. Lap after lap and my guys are getting tired, then bang, the crowed is so loud you can’t hear the bell, however I could see two people ringing the gigantic red bell.
With good position going into the last turn, I had to jump and race to the first corner (as the sprint is 100m out the corner). Facing a fast lead-out from others teams I had to jump much earlier than I wanted. I started my sprint with 500m to go and went into the corner first with 2 guys in hot pursuit. I was able to give it one last kick and cross the line for the $6,000 prime.
Now that I have the prime, I want to win the race however that effort took a lot out of me and we only have 10 laps to go.
A few guys in the field gave me some shoves to keep me in the pack. With 7 laps to go, I’m almost fully recovered and started to make my way back to the front. 6 to go, I made it to the very front and was thinking I actually have a chance to do the double. Win the prime and the race.
With 5 laps to go, we went into turn two and there were guys laying it down and with a little bad luck, I high sided and crashed pretty hard. Lost a finger nail, broke my bike, broke my Gopro (that’s borrowed)  and really took a big hit to my left leg.
After it was all said and done, no one really cared about who won the race anyway, everyone is there to see who would be the lucky racer to win the super prime.
Today is the last day of the 11 day race and I’m really looking forward to getting home.

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