Gateway Cup Day #1
by Rahsaan on August 31st, 2013

Gateway Cup Day #1
Lately in Southern California the weather has been HOT.  My fellow Angelinos has been suffering in the blistering heat. Then comes St. Louis!!! Now this is hot, humid, sticky and just outride wrong.
The first night was in Lafayette Square just east of the world famous Gateway Arch.  The course was a simi flat 1-mile loop with 4 corners started at 9:30pm.
The game plan was really simple. Watch the good guys, don’t miss the breaks and if we’re in it for a field kick, lead me out.
To my surprise (not to sound cocky or discredit anyone) the race started pretty quick. I think this had a lot to do with the atmosphere. The crowds were lined up around the course in numbers, picnicking, drinking, playing outdoor games and enjoying the bike race.
More than halfway through the race, the boys did great ridding as a team. Anthony, Rob and Chad did everything they could do to keep Sharecare in the game.
With 4 laps to go, local team, Harley Gateway hit the front and did a very good job ridding tempo for their sprinter as we set up shop right behind them.
On the bell lap, the swarm started but I yelled at the guys to just “stay together”. This was very crucial for our success; entering the last turn I was 5th wheel. With about 150m to go I opened my kick and made the push for the line. The legs were good but I was lacking some speed in the closing 50m, however it was just enough to close the deal and bring home the win for
Day#2 is Tour De Francis Park
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