Osvaldo Mora National Championship Fund
Osvaldo Mora is an 11 year-old bike racer who got his start after his father Rogelio Mora introduced him to the sport. As his father was a long time bike racer, Osvaldo learned from him, so cycling was nothing new for the Mora family!
Already at age 11, Osvaldo has many accomplishments. Most recently he won the 10-12 age group in the California State Criterium Championships.

July 3-7 in Madison, WI, will be Osvaldo's first national championship race. Bahati Foundation legend Rahsaan Bahati won his first national championship at the same age, in the same state. CalBikeLaw is proud to provide some of the support to make this young man's dream a reality. This is what the Bahati Foundation is all about supporting inner city youth in under-served communities.

We are still a bit short on funds to make this young man dreams come true and help him bring home a couple of gold medals. If we can get our foundation supporters to donate at least $10 we will be that much closer to making this happen. He might have a sweet face but he takes no prisoners once the whistle blows. You can make your donations by clicking the bottons below.
The Bahati Foundation wants to thank you inadvance for your support.

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