Roger Milliken Memorial GP


After training down in the desert of Palms Springs on Saturday morning. I pulled my tired body out of bed on Sunday to tackle to the Roger Milliken GP which is very dear to my heart. Roger and Chad become the first cycling family I ever met. Chad and I were fierce competitors yet built a friendship that stands on its own today. It was no way I was going to miss this event.

Small Team, Big Attitude

Team chiro and westcost newbie Bret Hoffer, aka, "white chocolate", Steven, Arturo and I went at the 80min 4-corner race. Like many races, we had crashes, one that happen 2 minutes into the race and unfortunately for white chocolate, he was out. After surfing the front to get the vibe of the race, I pulled the plug and went to the back where you can always find a party, look at traffic, people taking pictures, birds, bee's, you know what I'm getting at.

It was clear after only 15 minutes of racing this would be a field sprint. It was very exciting to see the smaller teams actually race against the bog elite level team.

With 20 minutes to go, I went back to the front and soon after cashcall team hit the front to control the race, which turned into a total slam fest. The speeds averaged 28mph-30mph during the first 50 minutes however the speeds dropped dramatically and this gives riders who don't belong at the front the opportunity to swarm and continue to cause disruption. But hey, its not my team, they can do what they want. I stayed positive and surprised myself at some of the jams I got myself out of.

3-2-1 laps to go I maintained good position and on the back side when the kick came, I saw a move coming from Justin Williams which is known as the "Saturn sit up". I wanted to yell at him but as soon as I saw this, a young kid from MRI closed the gap (gotta love the youngsters and all that energy) so I was right back in the race. Coming into the second to last turn, I had an opportunity to jump the first 6 guys in front of me but I hesitated. After coming out the last corner 7th wheel, I was able to slide in for 3rd after being passed by Justin.

I was happy to see Steven and Arturo in their mixing it up and we're looking forward to more racing.