Verbum Dei High Track Day
​Last Saturday your hard work and continues donations was put to good use. In collaboration with CalBikeLaw and Gerry Agnew, the Verbum Dei High School in Watts, California was gifted the opportunity to ride the state of the art Velodrome in Carson, California. This is a 3 session class with the end result being certified to ride the velodrome. 
Riding the Velodrome adds so many life qualities says Rahsaan Bahati, President and Founder of the Bahati Foundation. "These young men are already highly intelligent, yet to add the aspect of cycling to their lives is a game changer. It allows them to build more confidence within themselves, network with people outside of there natural circle and stay healthy". 

​The students was lead by Johnny Walsh; a well known cyclist from the late 90's who made a name for himself while racing the track. 
This was definitely a collaborative effort. We would like to thank Calbikelaw, AgnewBrusavich, Stub Hub Center, and Verbum Dei High.


Verbum Dei High School, colloquially referred to as "the Verb”, is an all-male Catholic, Jesuit, college and career preparatory school complemented by a corporate internship program, serving young men of Watts and the surrounding communities who are economically and academically under-served. It is operated by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles with the sponsorship of the California Province of the Society of Jesus.
For over 50 years, Verbum Dei School in Watts has been a safe haven and a launch pad for educational success. This year, every senior at the Jesuit all-boys high school has been accepted to college. Click here for more info.